We create compelling content & messaging
that produces leads, drives engagement, and ends in long lasting clientele.  


Create one, clear message and strategy for all of your marketing


Increase Lead
Generation and Sales

Develop Long Term Customer Engagement

Don’t let a muddled message prevent you from growing your business

Clear Strategy

Story is  a sense making device for your brain.  We work with you to develop a strategy that uses the elements of story to actively engage a customer. Whether it’s Linked In or Instagram, we will set you up on the right platform(s) that resonate with your business to drive customers to your newly developed and refined site. 

Seamless Process

We will walk you through the elements of story and show you how to effectively enter your customer's story, make them the hero, solve their problems and position yourself as their guide to success.


Implementing your newly developed strategy doesn’t have to take months. You would be surprised how efficiently communicating your products and services become once you have a once you have a clear message

Step 1

Contact Us

We will conduct a free marketing assessment on your organization.  What are your greatest revenue streams? Describe your ideal client.  What are you offering that’s better than your competition?  Are just a few of the questions that will help clarify your company’s message. 

Step 2

Clarify your organization’s message

We will go over a simple 7 step method that will help clarify your company’s message.  It will not only identify the problems your customer is trying to overcome, but will also effectively position you and your product or service as the guide that will help solve their problem and transform them into something better, bolder, and more successful. This will be ALL you need to create captivating marketing content BUT we can also develop social strategy that drives customers to your newly renovated and clearly articulated website.  

Step 3

Clear Content Achieved.
Results Produced. 

You will feel confident in your newly executed marketing strategy. You will experience an increase in sales conversions, website traffic, and  in the number of people who respond to your email campaigns. Every day will feel like a win.   

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The Clarity Collective helped assess our company’s message, guided us through a clear process, and redesigned our website and marketing collateral. I am so happy with the results, I have her working with all of my clients.
— Kristina Collmar, Refer MD
I am an authority I my field and quickly realized I wasn’t communicating clearly with my target audience. The CC helped me see the importance of simplifying my message without excessive marketing. I have had clients respond after going through this process.
— Kelsey Jack, Wellness Coach

Marketing firms charge you a lot for their services, but often lack the most important skill: clarity.  

The Clarity Collective puts clear messaging first and lets creativity follow. This ensures that clients understand what you are trying to offer them right off the bat, making them much more likely to do business with YOU above your competitors.

We can even take your previously developed marketing strategy and revitalize it- making it concise and clear for your customers. It’s never too late!

About me

Elizabeth graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Human and Organizational Development. While in Nashville, she worked with the Marketing Office for Southwest Airlines developing marketing and customer culture initiatives for their business travel program, SWABIZ.  Her time working for SWA allowed her to appreciate making the Customer the hero in every story.   

She moved back home to San Antonio and worked in sales and marketing for a deeply rooted, local event firm and grew their business by making them a presence at one of the top Event Trade Shows in the US. 

Elizabeth then felt a strong call to Ministry.  She became a youth and college minister at a large church in San Antonio for 8 years. Elizabeth learned to rely on her intuitive nature and her ability to read and communicate with diverse groups of people.  She led 2 large groups to Uganda during her time there. 

Elizabeth is married to Scott, the Social Media guru at Whataburger, but more importantly a great husbands and dad to their 3 children. 

Elizabeth is committed to people’s success both measured by business standards and personal. She believes that hard work, collaboration, and a clear message are the trifecta for successful and thriving organizations. 


•    StoryBrand Brandscript Development
•    StoryBrand Brandscript Review and Editing
•    Social Media Strategy
•    Mastering Speaking Engagements and Appearances
•    Website Tear Down and WireFrame
•    Copywriting
•    Lead Generation
•    Corporate Culture Development/Training
•    Coaching

There is nothing worse than feeling like you spent quality time and money on something that’s just not producing results.  

You’ve worked hard to set your organization apart, but you find yourself starting to doubt yourself and your expertise. It shouldn’t be that way. The Clarity Collective has worked with organizations big and small to make sure that your time, money and expertise are used in a clear and constructive way that make you feel like a confident leader in your organization.  One who produces results and success. 

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